Pamper Night Ideas


Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while now. I think at-home spa nights are literally the best things ever. If you don’t have a lot of down time and really want to start cherishing those little “me-time” moments or just had a really crappy day and need to unwind!

Im just gonna share with you some of the things I do, and cheaper products I use to make the most of my little “pamper myself” nights. I hope you enjoy!

1. Bath 


First, I’m a Bath bomb lover 😍 I can’t go to any department store without checking them out! I bought a couple of really cute ones from 5 Below a few weeks ago and finally had time to use one! IMG_4726.JPG

The one I used for my last “spa night” was called “Mermaizing”. It has pink sparkles which is totally what drew me to it in the first place 😝 And a nice fresh smell to it. It was cheap ($3) and looked nice, but I’ll be honest, once you put it in the water and it spreads, you can’t really smell it at all. So if you’re just looking for a nice color, go for this! Otherwise, I’ve got another idea for a relaxing fragrance if you’re big on smells like I am! (I’ll share it in a bit)


Now, the first time I used a bath bomb, I didn’t use bubbles, and as great as it was, nothing can beat a relaxing bubble bath! SO I went to Target into the baby aisle and Bam, found this gem. If you’re like me and have sensitive skin, a product like this does wonders and makes it possible to use bubbles at all without breaking out all night! Its fragrance-free, extra gentle and non-allergenic (no sulfates or dyes) and a 20oz bottle like this costs only $10!


If you want, you can set up some candles around the tub, which is what I always do. It just gives even more of a relaxing atmosphere! And putting a playlist with soft, relaxing music is always helpful too. I bought a couple candles from 5 Below. I really loved the concept of each candle serving some purpose. I got one one with a sort of soy scent that is meant to help give you energy and spark creativity. It smells super nice when you’re up close, but again, not exactly the best if you’re trying to fill the room. Either way, I’ve found that setting them up around the tub definitely just puts you in a more relaxed mood! Seriously don’t try to pamper yourself without candles involved. They’re a MUST!




IMG_47322. Clay Masks

What’s a spa night without a face mask?! I saw this brand at Target, the masks are about $2 or $3 each. I chose the mask for relaxing, but they’ve got so many choices (pore minimizing, moisturizing, purifying, skin brightening, energizing, deep cleansing and more!) Just pick one for whatever you need or want at the time! (When you first put it on, you might feel a bit of a burn, and if you have SUPER sensitive skin I’d suggest maybe not using these until you’ve checked with a dermatologist?) The one I used has lavender essential oil in it, and as we all know, lavender scent is amazing and has a ton of benefits!

So I put the mask on, laid down and watched some videos on YouTube for about 15 mins while the oils and nutrients sank in. When I took it off, my skin was toned, tightened and totally smooth 😍 So needless to say, I’d def recommend “que bella” for your face masks!


3. Moisturize

After the bath, I dried off and put these babies on! I got both from Target. The Body lotion was $4-$5 and the body oil was around $6. The lotion (Hello Beautiful Skin-Tropical Kiwi) is freakin bomb. It smells like fresh kiwi and all kinds of fruity goodness and its paraben and phthalate-free. The body oil (Up & Up) I only use for my legs and it makes them seriously glow. So get a nice shave in, pour a few drops of that bad boy on your legs and you’ll be feeling amazing!


4. Mani/Pedi 

I absolutely love gel nail polish. If you can’t afford to get your nails done at a salon very often, like me, gel polish is definitely the way to go imo. Any other kind of drugstore nail polish I’ve tried, starts chipping away after a day or 2, no matter how many coats I apply! LA Colors and Gelogic you can grab at 5 Below! They have a huge section of gorgeous colors to choose from, and they were only $3 a bottle! I recently painted my nails with the LA Colors polish and wow I was impressed with the way it came out and how long it stayed on! So finish off your night with some Nails and Netflix. Grab your best gel polish, play some episodes of your fave show and let your worries fade away! 


5. Aromatherapy

So this is probably my absolute favorite  thing to do, and what relaxes me and puts me in the BEST mood. I just recently bought a candle holder with a tray for essential oils. Girls, if you haven’t tried essential oils before, you need to go to the store right now and grab some! The brand Essential Oil for Aromatherapy from Walmart is AMAZING. I got two (1fl oz) bottles, Rose scent & Serenity which has a cedar wood scent. Get a package of tea lights, slip it in a candle holder and put some drops of Serenity in there and OMG the entire room fills with this amazing cedar wood. My candle was lighting for about 3 mins when my mom came from the hallway and asked what the smell was. You won’t be able to get enough of it! And guess what, it was only $4 a bottle! This honestly helps me calm down after a long day and gets me ready for bed. I DEFINITELY recommend this as a MUST have for your pamper night!

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