Review of E.L.F. Products


IMG_4881.JPGElf has been a really popular brand for a while now, and no wonder! Their products are super affordable and most work pretty well from my experience! I have about 15 products from them, most costing only $2-3 each! I wanted to do kind of a basic, honest review for you guys of some of the major makeup products I’ve used from this brand. Keep in mind, I do believe that you get what you pay for. So if you’re just looking to get something affordable, that will do the main job, these are for you! So let’s get right into it! 💪🏻

E.L.F. Mineral Infused Face Primer ($5)

This is what they say it should do, “This multi-purpose primer preps your skin and fills in fine lines so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting matte finish.” For me, this primer did what it’s supposed to. It feels somewhat glossy and goes on super smooth. When it was all rubbed into my face, I noticed the matte finish, my skin looked much smoother and more even. The only issue that I as well as others have had with this primer is that if you have sensitive skin, it can make you break out. I noticed a bit of red on my cheek afterwards, but I personally was able to overlook it and fix it with the rest of the makeup. I didn’t break out at all for the rest of the day. But because it’s not so great on sensitive skin, I may not be getting it again. Idk, I’ll have to see if it’s a continuous thing. But if you don’t have a problem with sensitivity, then this will be a really nice primer for you!

E.L.F. Foundation Serum ($8)

This is my go-to drugstore foundation. I’ve had a problem in the past with foundations getting patchy and and leaving dry spots, but this one is very light and gives your face more of a natural look. It’s very comfortable to wear and lasts all day! I applied it with my beauty blender and it went on smoothly, but I’ve heard others say it works better for them with a brush. Do whatever works for you, experiment a little! But I’ll say right now, do not use your finger, it’s not going to have the same smooth finish.

One issue I had was the fact that it’s such light coverage. It doesn’t fully cover any blemishes or red spots. But if you have a good concealer, that should take care of it! Also, the pump kinda’re most likely going to waste a bit of your product because it just doesn’t seem to know how to give you small amounts 🙄 So just be prepared for that. I really do love this foundation and I would recommend it to anyone looking for just a natural more skin-like look.

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer ($2)

This primer really worked for me. Normally, my eye shadows will crease or start to fade before the day is half over! But this eye lid primer helped my makeup apply more consistently and it lasts all day just like it says!

Only problem I have with it is that the bottle is so thin, there’s seemingly not much product in it. And you have to dunk the wand in multiple times to get a good amount on your lids because of it.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who has more oily lids because I’ve heard that the makeup does crease for you and wont last as long. So just keep that in mind!

E.L.F. Perfect Finish HD Powder ($6)

This product says that it “helps set makeup, reduce shine and slightly nattily skin. Microfine particles help fill in lines and blue imperfections to create a soft focus effect on the skin.” This powder can be worn alone or over foundation. I’m used to using tinted powders, because the last time I used any kind of translucent or HD powder, it made my face way too pigmented, and brought out dry patches.

This one you can apply in different ways to get different results. I apply it after my foundation to set it. It takes away shine while giving a nice glow! You can also use it as a highlighter. In some cases, if you take a picture, there will be a flashback. Just make sure that if you’re baking, you wipe away the excess powder because it will leave a white streak.

I would recommend not using the sponge that comes with it, because it may take off some of the product you already had on. I’d say your best bet is to use a kabuki powder or blending brush (which E.L.F. also sells 😁).

E.L.F. Sun kissed Glow Bronzer ($2)

This product is nice, it goes on subtle, so it’s hard to really put TOO much on. If you’re looking for a legit BRONZER to do contouring and add dimension to your face, I’d probably say that this product is not for you. It has a bit of a shimmery effect to it, and some people would rather have more of a matte bronze look. However, you can also use this as a nice highlighter or on your lids if you don’t really like the look as an overall bronzer.

I’ve tried it as an actual bronzer myself and it really does seem a bit too sparkly for my taste. But it does do the job of giving a nice “sunkissed glow” so there’s that!

The packaging is pretty simple, not much to it, but again, you’re getting what you paid for! Plus I kind of like the fact that the cover is see-through so you can see more easily when you’re running out!

E.L.F. Baked Highlighter-Moonlight Pearls ($3)

So I am absolutely in love with this highlighter. Like I can’t get enough of it! The package says “Create a radiant glow (✔️) with this illuminating powder that highlights the skin with a sheer wash of shimmering color (✔️) infused with Vitamin E, Jojoba, Sunflower, Almond and Grape to help nourish and hydrate the skin. Long lasting color (✔️)” Yeah, every bit of that is truth! You’ll get a really pretty glow all day for such a cheap price! It’s very blendable, doesn’t accentuate any pores (like many highlighters tend to do) and doesn’t add a lot of texture. The ONLY thing I didn’t like is that is has a top layer that makes it difficult to get the dust out of the pan. You may have to scrape off a bit to get enough powder onto your brush. But overall, this is definitely my go-to highlighter!

So that’s my review of some of the ELF makeup products. I just wanted to do a review on the basics of each, I tried to cover most of the important points, but if there’s anything you want to know about any of them, feel free to contact me! Or let me know if I should do a more detailed review on any of them! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and got something out of this! 😁

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