Let’s Get Real For A Minute


I want to get real with you. In fact, let’s both get real with each other! Do you ever compare yourself with your friends or even strangers on social media? Like their lives seem so much more interesting, or even aspects of their personality just come across as if they’re the perfect human being! Someone you’ve always wanted to be? Do you feel like you fall short of perfection all the time? Do you maybe beat yourself up because of it, thinking all kinds of negative thoughts about yourself?

If you said “yes” to all of these, you’re most definitely not alone. Myself, as well as…the majority of people feel exactly the same way. The only reason I can say any of is because I’ve been through this feeling SO often in my life. I’m still working on it to this day, but I guess I’ve realized something that I want to share with you.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said multiple times that people are only posting their absolute best moments on social media, so it’s not exactly realistic. If we knew what was going on behind the scenes, after the picture was taken, we’d probably feel more like “okay, yeah I can relate to that”. Because we all have messiness in our lives. And it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s part of being imperfect humans.

We’re going to screw up. We’re going to have bad hair days. We’re going to say the wrong thing sometimes. We’re going to fail at different things, probably many times. We’re going to look the way we look. Yeah we can wear different makeup, hairstyles and clothes for fun, but there’s some things about ourselves (that we may not like all that much) that just can’t be changed. But the thing is, it’s up to you to decide why you want to change in the first place..say for example you have a big ol’ nose (like myself). When you were a youngin, did you hate it? Probably not, because you cared more about playing outside with your friends. So when was it that you started hating parts of yourself? When you saw commercials and magazines of women that had the most perfect (airbrushed) nose? Or maybe your friends saw those magazines and started pointing out your NON-airbrushed nose!? It started when you started comparing yourself right? So if that was able to stop, do you think you might go back to loving yourself just as you are?

Beauty is subjective. It’s all about how we perceive it. That’s why it’s true that we really are all beautiful in our own unique way. Inside and outside. We’re all so different in SO many ways. Personality, looks, skills, talents. Its such a beautiful thing! But when you try to fit into the mold of another person or group, you’re taking a little bit of that beauty away with you, because that once beautiful picture is now losing a part of its uniqueness. The thing that made is so wonderful in the first place.

Think about if you were walking down a road and every house you passed was the exact same color, style and interior. First of all it’d be kinda creepy…second of all, it’d be dull and boring right? It’s like ehh..Ive already seen that before, I’m tired of seeing it over and over again! Now imagine you’re walking through a neighborhood and every house you see is a totally different color, style and interior from the last. That’d be exciting right?! Like..”OH that’s awesome, what’s next?!” Almost like when we go driving around to see Christmas lights during the winter, we’re hoping to see all different kinds of set ups right? Well, I feel like that’s what we need to start appreciating about human beings, including ourselves. Embrace and love the fact that you’re different from every other person you know. And remember that it’s not just you, EVERYONE is different from everyone else. We all have imperfections and flaws that make us all the more beautiful!

I really hope this was helpful to you. Let me know in the comments! Have a beautiful night/day ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real For A Minute

  1. Hi Dayna, I am guilty of always comparing myself to others on social media. It’s not a fun thing to do thb. It gets you to start thinking about the way you look and the lifestyle you are currently living. Sometimes its hard to be living in the society we are living in right now. Social media is part of the reason why depression hits us so hard. I personally just made my own blog because I know that blogging is waaay better than any social media. Its a place to write your thoughts, post whatever you like without having to think twice about content. I hope you come over to check out the start of my blog. Thanks!

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    1. I definitely agree with every bit. It’s so difficult when we already all have a problem with comparing at times, by now adding social media to that, forget it! It’s true I also believe that’s why depression is hitting people so hard these days. And yes blogging has really changed things for me so far, but only just started not long ago too. I hope we can grow as Bloggers together! Good luck and thanks so much for commenting ๐Ÿ˜Š


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