Life Update September 2017


Hey guys! So I just wanted to share with you what my plan is for the near future, because I’m super excited about it!

Fun fact about me, I went to school for almost 3 years when I first got out of high school, and mostly took courses for a Psychology Major. I was going through a time of really wanting to find myself and not go through all kinds of schooling for something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. So I switched majors a couple different times and just figured I wasn’t going to be getting a degree this way so why waste all my credits. So I stopped attending all together.

But for a while now, I’ve really been regretting my choice and thinking I wasted all those years and had nothing to show for all the hard work I put into those classes. So, I found out that I may only have one more class to take to get an associates in Liberal Arts with a concentration of Psychology!

I’ve always been interested in Psychology, the human mind and behaviors. I’ve always wanted to have a career in something really rewarding, and I feel that being able to help heal the mind is one of the most rewarding things out there! So, I’m thinking of talking with a counselor to get my class(es?) set up for next semester!

Ill still be blogging regularly, because even though I’ve only been blogging for a short time so far, I’ve really come to enjoy and appreciate the blogging community! So maybe I can even keep you guys updated on what happens with this plan of mine!

I want to thank all of my follower for keeping up with my posts and being so supportive and encouraging! You girls are amazing and I so appreciate every sweet comment and “like” on my posts! ❤️

I’m excited to go on this journey with you guys, and Ill definitely be keeping up with the beauty posts so keep looking out for those! 😊 Have a beautiful day lovelies 💖

15 thoughts on “Life Update September 2017

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  2. That sounds so exciting! I have heard that there’s a huge difference in employment opportunities just by having that degree on the resume, even if it’s completely unrelated. And some theory that college is really for employers and managers to vet on your ability to work hard at something for a long period of time. It’s such a hard decision to make once you’ve quit once, but it’s super exciting you’re making the next step 😀 Good luck!

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    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! That does make sense with it being good on your resume because most careers you’re having to work with other people and need to know all of that. I’m actually also thinking of taking some marketing classes on the side as well so hopefully those will work well together! Thanks so much for the support and encouragement! 😊😊


  3. Wow just realized I was logged into a random account. Geez. Anyways- just wanted to add that psychology is so interesting and exciting. . And opens so many doors to understanding the fellow man. So excited for you 😄

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  4. I feel you. I had to drop school for a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. After coming up on a potential career opportunity, where I am working now, and the stuff I want to do with my blog, I figured out that Business is the way for me to go. I’m nowhere close to a bachelors degree, but very close to my associates. Good read!!!

    Check me out too when you get the chance.

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    1. That’s great news! Sometimes it really does just take time and exploring to find what’s right for you. So glad to hear you found that thing and that you’re actually in a career for it! I think and Associates is plenty and can still get you a number of different job opportunities! Good luck with everything 😊 and thank you so much!


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