Birchbox Samples Review September 2017



I’m so happy today 😊 because last night I got in not only my bath bombs from Fragrant Jewels but first! Actually, because it was my first order, Birchbox sends you a second box free! So I came home to 2 beautifully decorated little boxes with 10 samples 👌🏻

I figured, why not give a little review on some of the samples I’ve already tried out! Soo yeah! Let’s get right into it 😁


Don’t mind my duck face 🙄 I’m just rediculous sometimes (okay…all the times 🙈)…But let’s mind what’s ON the face for a second!

Arrow Enhance Waterproof Eyeliner (Full-Size, $16)


This eyeliner is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I used to wear white eyeliner on my bottom lash line years ago, but the liner I had got lost somewhere and I just never got around to getting another one 🙄 But I’ve seen so many gorgeous looks lately with this and I fell in love all over again. This one has a very light pinkish tone to it, and GIRL it makes me love it even more. Wearing this on your bottom lash line makes your eyes pop so much! Especially if your eyes are on the smaller side, this is a really great technique.

Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil (Full-Size, $10)


This I used for the inner corners of my eyes. And it gives this nice soft glow that just adds to the pop! You can also swipe this in other areas of your face that you want some highlight. I like using a liner for the inner corner rather than eyeshadow because to me, the eyeshadow adds too much powder and it just looks too obvious. But this is just subtle enough and flows with the rest of the look!

Vasanti Eye Wonder 2.0 Super Powered Eye Cream with Ceramic Tip (Full-Size, $42)


If you want to look like you didn’t just wake up after only getting 3 hours of sleep, this eye cream is for you! I’ve been using only concealer under my eyes for some time now. But girl, there’s times where I’m working on things all night and get like 4 or 5 hours of sleep and it’s written ALL over my face. Like who wants to make their face, have this nice highlight, beautiful color…and then dark circles and puffy eyes. Eek not the best look right!? Well sometimes the concealers I use don’t always fix that. And then it just looks like puffy eyes with product caked onto them! But this cream uses a mix of peptides, botanicals, and vitamins to hydrate your skin and get rid of those dark circles. This did wonders for me, such a noticeable difference after just a few minutes. The full size bottle is pretty expensive, but honestly, I’m considering getting one, it’d definitely be worth it!

Cargo Blush & Bronzer Duo (Full-Size, $35) 


Im not really sure how I feel about this one. When I use a bronzer, I usually don’t like any kind of shimmer in it. I’d rather leave the shimmer to the highlighter. This bronzer is very sparkly so you’ll basically be shimmering all over your face, wherever you decide to apply it. Both the bronzer and blush are pretty subtle color-wise. There’s nothing about it that really stands out to me. And the cover is a bit hard to take off (unless it’s just me, I am a bit of weakling) If you’re looking for a sparkly, vibrant look for a night out or something, this might work for you! But to use as an everyday product, this would not be my go-to. It sure looks pretty in the package but for me personally it’s just not something I’d pay full price for.

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow (Full-Size, $29)


I’m not usually one to use BB creams just because I like the look of a medium-full coverage foundation. But honestly, this BB Cream covered a pretty good amount, really evened out my skin & reduced the redness I tend to have. I was truly impressed! And it was nice to not have to cake on a bunch of product, this BB Cream leaves your skin feeling a lot smoother and natural! And it’s sheer so it gives you a golden glow as promised! If you’re a busy woman and don’t have time to put on a full face of makeup, I’d recommend putting on some moisturizer (or you can even skip this step! But I just do it for extra hydrating), dab some of this on, a little concealer, brush on some powder, and you’re good!

I hope this was helpful or at least enjoyable for you guys! If you order from Birchbox, I’d love to know what products you got this month! And if you got any of these, what did you think of them?? If you have any questions or any feedback at all, let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading lovies 😊

12 thoughts on “Birchbox Samples Review September 2017

  1. Great box. There are so many interesting products. Liked the eyeliner and the strobing pencil. I recently received my first Boxycharm box recently and feel so happy. 🙂


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