Makeup Wishlist|September 2017

There’s a ton of makeup that I’ve come across lately that I feel would be a great addiction to my collection. You’ll see a lot of Fall tones and shades, not just because Fall is finally here and I’m extremely excited about it…but because I’ve been wanting to go a little bolder with my makeup lately and feel these definitely do the job! 

This is only a list post, but I’ve added links to every item so you can check them out and read the reviews for yourself if you want to know more! I hope you enjoy. Let me know if any of these are on YOUR wishlist! 😊

Ciaté London

    (NOTE: Saw this one on a Facebook video and I’ve never seen something like it! It goes on Matte, and when you smack your lips together and pull apart it turns into glitter!!)

    How pretty is this!? 


      This highlighter is mesmerizing 😍

      Too Faced 

      That packaging though 👌🏻

      Urban Decay

      Anastasia Beverly Hills 

        Milk Makeup 



        Kat Von D 

        As you can see, I’ve got a lot of lippies and eye shadows here. That’s mainly because I’m still a little nervous about paying all sorts of money on foundations and concealers online to not get the right shade for my skin 😩 But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! And if you have any tips for that, I’d love to hear them in the comments! 
        I hope you guys enjoyed this wish list! If you have any of these products, or if any of them are on your wishlist let me know in the comments! 

        (All pictures were taken from Google) 

        4 thoughts on “Makeup Wishlist|September 2017

          1. Don’t they!!?? I believe they have a video of it on their site. You’ll be able to see how quickly it turns to glitter! So cool! I went around showing everyone I know haha I’ve never seen anything like it!
            Ahh you have the Palette?! Can you do a lot of looks with it? When I went to Ulta I had to choice between getting the Sweat Peach Palette by Too Faced and this one. It was such a hard choice! But I definitely going for it next time I’m there. So it’s worth it you think??


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