October 2017 Goals 

I wasn’t really able to accomplish everything I wanted to last month *sad face*, but I’ve added some new goals to the mix that make sense with the direction my life has been going lately. So I wanted to share those with you! 


1. Redecorate My Room 

I’ve been wanting to paint my walls and wrip up my rug for the longest time. 

Don’t mind all the random stuff on the floor 🙄 As you can see, my walls are just…too pink. It gets really annoying to look at. Plus I’m 23, I think it’s about time to get a big-girl room, right? Lol plus that carpet..🤦🏼‍♀️ I just can’t. It’s not cute and it doesn’t even feel nice 😒 Aside from those, I didn’t show pictures of the rest of my room because dear God it’s a disaster in here. 

When I moved out, my parents used my room for storage. So since I’ve been back, I’ve been living with huge drum cases along one wall (my dad was in a band), a big, wide desk that I’ll never use and that completely doesn’t go with the rest of my room and bulky luggage cases for who knows what (we don’t go anywhere). I have no vanity whatsoever, and one tiny rolly computer desk to put ALL of my stuff on. So the pic I showed you? Yeah that’s pretty much the only clear space in my entire room. Therefore, I NEED to get all these desks and dressers out of here, bring in things I’ll actually use (vanity, Alex drawers, clothing rack) and redecorate my whole room. I plan to paint my walls eggshell white and put in a hardwood floor. I think it’ll look SO much better when it’s done. I’ll be posting pictures of before (when the mess is mostly gone) and after once it’s done!  

2. Host Multiple Successful Beauty Bashes!

Some exciting news! I decided to become a Younique Presenter. I know you’re probably all thinking “Oh great, now she’s gonna try selling to us all the time. Annoyiiing. UNFOLLOW” But I just want to say, I’m not someone to go and hound people to buy things. I’ve never been that person and never will be. The great thing about Younique is that they put the products out there, do their best to show you how great they are and if you want them, they’ll be readily available to help you get them! So you won’t be getting messages from me asking you to buy anything, and I won’t be spamming you with my link. Trust me I wouldn’t be part of this company if I had to approach it that way 🙄. But I WILL share my passion about the products and give you guys all kinds of makeup tips and tricks! And if you love what you see, girl go get it!  But yeah, so with that being said, I want to host a bunch of Virtual Beauty Bashes to really get the ball rolling and be able to answer all of your makeup questions and just really get to know you guys and have a fun time talking about our love for makeup! 

3. Start a YouTube Channel 

Lately I’ve been finding myself wanting to do more makeup tutorials, proper hauls and unboxings. But all of these are pretty difficult to do on just a blog, at least to me. I feel like there is a lot more to say sometimes and I just can’t get it all out properly through writing. So I actually have my Amazon cart full of equipment I’ll be buying soon to have a proper setup for videos! I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel for years but never really knew what I’d focus on and honestly didn’t have as much of a drive as I do now! So I’ll keep you guys updated on that 😊

4. Do the whole October Beauty Challenge on IG 

I failed miserably at doing the September Beauty Challenge because I just got so caught up in other things. I did like one day and stopped. But because this is probably my favorite month of all time, I’m making it a goal of mine to get in every day of this challenge! However, there might be some days that I just can’t get to it and I don’t want to have too much pressure to do so if I’m working on other things. But for the most part, I’m going to try my absolute best to get at least most of them in! If you want to join in, save this pic and follow along. Post your IG pics with the hashtag #Octoberbeautychallenge2017 and give the hashtag #pymuo so the creators of the challenge can see! 

5. Do some Halloween Makeup Looks 

I already have a couple of looks in mind 😁😁 but I’d really like to get working on them and get more inspiration for other Halloween looks as well. I’m not going to say what my ideas are cause pshh that would ruin the surprise! But if you guys have any ideas or looks you want to see, let me know in the comments! And I want to know if you plan on doing any yourself!! 

6. Have a Halloween movie marathon 

Okay this is just a small, silly one, but it’s totally legit! I haven’t had a Halloween movie marathon in years! Like full on, day to night (into the next morning) marathon. Did you used to watch all the Disney Halloween movies every time they came on? Especially the day before Halloween when they played them ALL day!? I don’t know about you, but I super looked forward to those days. So this is a pretty big one for me. It won’t just be Disney movies, but all those creepy, horror ones too 😮. What are some of your favorite Halloween themed movies? And how do you feel about horror movies? 🤔 Let me know in the comments! 

Those are some of my biggest goals so far for this month. I hope you guys enjoyed reading! And I’d love to hear from you so leave some comments and I’ll get right back to them! Love you guys 😁😁 

9 thoughts on “October 2017 Goals 

  1. I don’t know if I have any favorite Halloween movies. There some old faithful ones out there like Nightmare on Elmstreet, but nothing is a favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You should definitely start a YouTube channel!

    The challenges on instagram are so fun!

    My favourite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. I watch it every year! I can’t watch horror movies. Too scary 😱😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just feel like if I start a YouTube channel it might take away from the time I can put into blogging. Taking and editing videos take so much TIME. But I’m willing to experiment and see what happens! Do you have one??

      They really are! Thanks again for sharing it with us!

      Omg yes Hocus Pocus is amazing! What about Halloweentown?? Haha 😁 And yeah I used to looove scary movies, now they creep me out so much too but a small part of me is still like yeees this is awesome 😂


      1. Yeah I feel like you can only do one or the other. I think while video is easier to get your thoughts out because you’re speaking them, blogging might be easier because I know some people spend hours on editing videos. But at the same time, blog photos, posts, etc. do take a lot of time.

        I haven’t seen Halloweentown! I haven’t watched many Halloween movies tbh. I’m a big chicken and most movies are scary to me haha. I remember as a kid, Ernest Scared Stupid scared me so bad and it’s supposed to be a funny one. XD


  3. Good luck on your October goals. I hope you tackle them all especially the horror movies 🙂 I love horrid films. I recently saw the remake of IT it was very good. And I love Freddie Krueger he’s a fav lol

    Liked by 1 person

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