Letter From a Christian to Whom It May Concern 

I haven’t done a long post like this in a while, but it’s just really been on my heart lately, so I wanted to put it out there. If you want to read, I hope it can be somewhat helpful or encouraging to you in some way! And if I said something that doesn’t seem right or you want to make some correction, feel free!

What Being A Christian DOESN’T mean

• You should tell people who are living differently that they are going to Hell 

• You have more of a purpose than those who are not Christian 

• You are not allowed to make mistakes or mess up 

• You are any less of a Christian if you do 

• You need to change who you are in order to appear “more holy” 

• You can’t admit to your weaknesses 

• You need to go to Bible school (unless you want to, then do it up!) 

• You need to be a Bible scholar 

• You should constantly look for and point out the flaws and weaknesses of other Christians 

• You need to wear crosses or have a Jesus fish bumper sticker to prove your faith 

• You can’t follow your heart and do things you want to do if you haven’t gotten confirmation from God 

• Life is going to be easy and you’re always going to prosper

• You have the right to judge whether someone is going to Heaven or not 

• You have the right to say whether someone is a “good Christian” or not 

What Being a Christian DOES Mean

• You believe that Jesus died for your sins

• You accept Jesus into your heart and want Him to change you  

• You want to live your life like Christ and leave your old ways behind 

• You are a child of God 

• You’re still human with weaknesses, but know that Jesus can use those very things for good 

• You have a relationship with God, wanting to speak to and hear from Him, and truly feel His presence

• You have the Holy Spirit in you, who works and moves in you 

• Striving to love both your neighbor and enemy, even when it’s hard 

• You will deal with trials and tribulations just like everyone else, and will have the choice to rely on God’s strength to get you through 

• Having a new mindset, one that is more like Christ (which still takes time and you’ll still have many moments of weakness) 

• You will feel more resistant to sin

• You are going to Heaven, even when you mess up 

• God can and will use you even if you feel like you’re not good enough (you most certainly are, Christian or not) 
No matter what religion or belief system you follow, you are more than good enough, and you have a purpose in this world. I want to speak on behalf of Christians here for just a second. 
I see lots of Christians pointing out flaws of other Christians often. I see the arguing, resentment and division that comes from it. I’ve seen many who go out on the streets and yell to people that they are going to Hell if they don’t change their ways and come to Christ, and that again causes more anger and division, making people feel uncomfortable and push away from the very idea of Christ. 
I just want to say to those who have been hurt by situations like this, that I hope you can forgive us. See, the thing is, a lot of us who choose to follow the ways of Christ start off our journey fresh with no knowledge of what following Jesus truly means. We wanted something better for our lives. We all have different stories and reasons why we chose this path. But for the most part, we start off passionate and wanting to know more.

 If you couldn’t tell, there’s lots of different perspectives out there that are said to be “Christian” and so it’s hard when you’re totally new to something, and trying to figure it all out. All we know is that we want to make a positive difference and that we want you to see what we’ve seen to be Truth. 
But some of us get caught up on beliefs that we truly think are good, but in the end push people away. We’re told that we need to go out there and tell the world about the Truth, and even if people hate us for it, do it anyway. We’re told “No matter what you have to do, don’t sugar coat, make sure they know the Truth, even if it offends them.” So this sounds okay, but when we take something like that and in our minds turn it into “Keep pushing the point, let them know they WILL go to Hell if they don’t follow Jesus! If you truly care about their well being they need to know!!” Then we totally forget the fact that people are human and there is a big chance that talking to someone like that will put them on the defense and not want to hear what we have to say. And might even make them hate the very God we’re telling them will send them to Hell!

 I think that’s the whole point of telling others the Truth but in love. I don’t recall seeing Jesus out in the streets shouting those things to people, or shunning anyone for living a different lifestyle. I’m pretty sure He spent time with them, understood them, knew where they were coming from and let them know that there was another way. 
I say this because I really want you guys to understand that just like you, we mess up. We’re still learning every day. We still say hurtful things without meaning to. Many times we have good intentions but act in ways that might show the opposite. I just ask that if you’re put in a situation where you’re feeling put off or resistant to a Christian, please realize that they are most likely saying what they are because they care about you, they are passionate about their faith and they just might not know how to express properly right now.
I think sometimes when someone has been a Christian for so long, we tend to forget what it was like before. We get passionate and want to get out what we believe but we don’t put ourselves in the shoes of the others hearing what we’re saying. 
I just hope that we can all try to have a heart of forgiveness, knowing that none of us are perfect, but most of us have good intentions. This is not to excuse any bad behavior from anyone, but just as a way to now move forward and maybe create a new mindset of unity. 
I’ve learned that if I’m offended by something someone is saying, I have the choice to either let it affect my spirit and get me angry or see from their perspective and take what I can from it and leave the rest.
I really want to hear from you guys! Please share if you have any CC or just if you want to add anything to this. I hope you all have a great day 😊

6 thoughts on “Letter From a Christian to Whom It May Concern 

  1. Love the “what Christians are.” Thanks for following me today; I will follow back. Did you notice we are vastly different in age? Isn’t it great that that is not an important matter, especially in the family of God!

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  2. I have been a Christian since I was 16 years old..for most of my Christian walk, I have had to make difficult decisions -had to “re-dedicate” my life (because I was told the decision I made at 16 did not count ( yeah, been to a few legalistic churches) and I may not have always made the right choices or decisions in my life, but I am human, and I certainly learned my lessons (reaped and sowed) The hardest part of being a Christian, and I am being real, is other Christians! I have never been judged so harshly, gossiped about and HURT by my “brother’s and sister’s” in Christ. It has kept me away from church for a few years and I feel the tug in my heart to get back in the game.

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  3. I really love how you handled this topic with love and gentleness. There are so many mistakes the body of believers have done, are doing, will do. We aren’t perfect, but we really do need to be Christlike. I think you did just fine in discussing this. People forget we don’t connect to others with vinegar, but honey. 🙂

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